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January 27, 2024

As a photographer, there are moments that go beyond just capturing images—they are about preserving memories, celebrating milestones, and witnessing the beauty of life. One such heartwarming experience was when my dear friend, Victoria, asked me to capture the magic of her maternity photos in Indianapolis, Indiana this fall with her husband Zach as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their little one.

Victoria and Zach’s journey to parenthood was not without its challenges. 

They never thought they would experience the joy of pregnancy, making this season even more extraordinary. When Victoria shared the exciting news with me shortly after she found out, I was not only overjoyed for them but deeply honored that they chose me to document this special chapter in their lives. Selfishly, I was sad it would mean we wouldn’t be able to share a bottle of red wine any time soon (both of our favorites), but I was so happy for her! 

The Photo Session:

Our maternity photos in Indianapolis, Indiana together was filled with love, laughter, and genuine moments. Victoria’s radiant glow and Zach’s soft smile reflected the anticipation and joy to meet their baby girl. As I expected them to,, they brought their first and very spoiled fur child, Hattie, to join in on the photos as well. Hattie may be in for a rude awakening in a few months when she has to share the attention, but she was sure loving the carrot treats to encourage her to sit pretty for the camera.

You won’t believe what happened while editing their maternity photos in Indianapolis

As I immersed myself in finishing their gallery, a baby girl’s name unexpectedly popped into my mind. In a lighthearted moment, I texted Victoria about my revelation, half-jokingly claiming to have figured out the name. To my surprise, she responded with a confirmation that I was indeed correct! Their baby girl already had a name, but it’s a secret they are keeping until her arrival. My lips are sealed, but the anticipation to meet baby girl Rayburn is palpable.

Being a part of Victoria and Zach’s maternity journey was not just about taking photos; it was about freezing moments of their genuine happiness and documenting a story that will be cherished for a lifetime. As we eagerly await the arrival of Baby Girl Rayburn, the love and excitement surrounding this growing family are contagious. 

Maternity photos in Indianapolis become more than just a session—they become a celebration of life, love, and the unexpected joys that come with it. I am grateful to have played a small role in capturing the magic of this extraordinary season for my friend Victoria, Zach, and their baby girl that I personally, cannot wait to meet!

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