Where to Invest for Classic Wedding Flowers


March 16, 2022

Have you gotten back the floral quote for your wedding, and had sticker shock?  Are you considering foregoing real flowers all together, simply because they’re so expensive?  Before you make any drastic decisions, let me share with you where to invest for classic wedding flowers to make it the beautiful day you’ve been dreaming of, while staying within your budget!  

If you invest in just ONE thing, be sure to have a bridal bouquet!  

When you invest in the bridal bouquet of your dreams, not only does it elevate your bride and groom portraits into Pinterest worthy images, but you can repurpose it to be used on the head table!  Trust us when we say, you will not regret investing that money into your wedding day, especially when it’s in all of the photos you display in your heirloom wedding album and on the walls in your home!  This is something every bride can do no matter what your budget is! 

The bridesmaids bouquets don’t need to be extravagant.

A few flowers and some greenery will do the trick, and can be reused alongside the bridal bouquet to elevate the head table even further or use along the bar area!  In this way, you will have classic wedding flowers for all your girls in your bridal party portraits, without going over budget!  

Use your ceremony arch or installation as the backdrop to the head table!  

You’ll see a theme here, repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!  When you repurpose the ceremony arch as the backdrop to the head table, you’ll not only have jaw dropping photos of the two of you saying your vows during the ceremony, but you’ll be able to elevate the head table even more!

Focus on the head table for the classic wedding flowers you’ve been dreaming of!

I tell my brides this all the time, but you can save a lot of money by making the head table like something out of a magazine!  It’s not a huge space if you’re not including the bridal party there, so you’ll be able to afford a fuller arrangement with more classic wedding flowers and greenery!  Also, go crazy and add those fancy chargers and utensils you’ve been eyeing because you’ll only need two sets!  When you invest in everything you want for your wedding day on the head table, your photographer can focus on photographing those details for your photos that you can include in your wedding album!  

I hope these tips have helped you wade through where to invest for the classic wedding flowers you’ve been dreaming of while helping you stay within your budget!  We think wedding florals are a must to every wedding day, no matter what scale you include them.  Prioritizing and repurposing is key!  Happy planning, friends!

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