Coree + Chuck | Newfields Engagement Session


July 24, 2022

Coree and Chuck’s Newfields engagement session was so beautiful! I had so much fun finally meeting Coree and Chuck, and they were naturals in front of the camera. Newfields and the Canal Walk are some of our favorite locations and their outfits, cute little dog, and the lighting took this session to the next level!

Coree and Chuck met on Bumble, and after their first date, Coree told her mom she would marry him! 

It is fate that Coree and Chuck met online, and Coree said something in her told her to reply to his message. When I asked about their favorite things about each other, Coree said she loves how Chuck is so fiercely passionate about his people and would do anything for them. Without hearing her answer, Chuck said something so similar – that he loves how Coree loves the people in her life! Their kindness and passion was so obvious, and I loved getting them in front of my camera!

Chuck actually proposed to Coree at Newfields, so it was full circle to have a Newfields engagement session too!

Chuck proposed at Newfields during Winterlights, when stunning Christmas lights cover the grounds. They walked through the entire display, and then got hot cocoa and chatted with a family for nearly an hour. Coree was convinced Chuck would not propose since he was so calm, but the second time through the gorgeous blue tunnel he dropped down to one knee. She said yes and was so overjoyed! Afterwards they went to the restaurant where they had their first date and sat at the same exact booth – by absolute chance! Chuck promises to this day that it was not planned. 

On the way to the session, Chuck called me in a panic saying his button popped off his new shirt! 

I immediately was bummed that I didn’t have a sewing kit, but then we realized none of us even knew how to sew! Luckily it wasn’t his top button, and it was an easy edit for me to do after the session. There’s hardly anything a little editing can’t fix. Coree and Chuck brought more casual outfits for Newfields, and more formal outfits for the Canal Walk. I loved their outfit choices, especially Coree’s beautiful blue and white floral dress! 

We left Newfields and headed to the Canal Walk for photos at sunset! Coree’s brother brought their dog, Luna, to be in a few of the pictures!

My favorite part of their engagement session was when Coree’s brother brought their dog Luna, who is just as sweet as can be. She was so quiet and meek, and I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home to play with my mini doodle, (also named Luna!). We captured some great “family photos” with Luna, as well as more shots of them, including popping a bottle of champagne! I can’t wait for their wedding this August at The Wellington

Coree and Chuck, I had so much fun at your Newfields engagement session! I can’t wait to capture your special day. Enjoy the last few months of your engagement!

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