Haley + Dalen | Eagle Creek Park Engagement Photos in Indianapolis


May 13, 2022

A super sweet couple that can’t wait to get married? Having their engagement session that has meaning to them?  Haley and Dalen’s Eagle Creek Park engagement photos in Indianapolis with our associate photographer Vanessa, were so fun and romantic, and I can’t wait to share them with you here on the blog!  

One evening brought Haley and Dalen together.

They both attended Lewis College, which is a small college in Naperville, Illinois.  One night they found themselves at the same party, but even though Dalen was interested in Haley he couldn’t make any moves yet because Haley was dating someone else at the time.  But soon after things fizzled with her then boyfriend, Haley and Dalen quickly connected over their love for volleyball!  

Would you believe that Haley and Dalen weren’t actually engaged yet when they started wedding planning?!

Due to the “wedding boom” that happened because of COVID, Haley and Dalen started planning their wedding even before Dalen had a chance to propose!  Dalen was going to be leaving soon to play volleyball in Sweden, so they knew in order for him to be a part of some of the planning they better start sooner than later!  Luckily, not long after they booked their wedding with me, they made things officially official when Dalen proposed! 

Haley and Dalen are best friends, which was clear during their romantic Eagle Creek Park engagement photos in Indianapolis!

They wanted to choose a location for their engagement session that had water and nature, and Eagle Creek Park was a fabulous choice!  Between the tall grasses, the serene waters and bridges it was the perfect location for these two love birds! They even popped some champagne to end the session at a memorable spot to the two of them!  Our associate Vanessa did an amazing job capturing their candid smiles, laughs and the love that these two share for their Eagle Creek Park engagement photos in Indianapolis!  We can’t get enough of these two and cannot wait for their wedding day so soon!

Congratulations Haley and Dalen!

Haley and Dalen, our associate team was so excited for your big day before,  but now, we can’t wait for your wedding at New Journey Farms this August!  From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank you enough for trusting our team with your special day, Vanessa loved getting to know you both at your engagement session!  I hope you love these previews from your Eagle Creek Park engagement photos in Indianapolis and I can’t wait to share your full gallery with you!

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