Bryce + Allison | Indianapolis Canal Walk Photos


July 5, 2022

Bryce reached out to me to give his girlfriend the sweetest 21st birthday gift – a couples session together! They both are naturals in front of the camera as they’ve had couples photos taken in Chicago and Cincinnati as well and it was time to add in their hometown to the collection in Indianapolis! I think this is such a special way to remember trips and cities where couples live and visit together. Plus, this is a gift Allison will have forever! Check out their Indianapolis Canal Walk photos at golden hour!

Bryce surprised his girlfriend with Indianapolis Canal Walk photos for her 21st birthday! 

Bryce and Allison are high school sweethearts – they met during their freshman year and have been together ever since! They share the same values and visions, and I can tell they have so much fun together! They both are from Indianapolis, but Allison actually lived in Hawaii for a while before moving to Indianapolis! They love to stay active and be in nature, so I knew the Canal Walk and Highland Park was going to be a perfect fit for their session. 

Allison was such a trooper for this shoot as she was actually recovering from a plantar fascia tear and showed up in a boot! Luckily Bryce had booked an extended couples session and we had plenty of time to change from her heels back into her boot so she could move to different locations comfortably. By looking at their Indianapolis Canal Walk photos you would never be able to tell!

The Canal Walk is one of my favorite locations in Indianapolis!

The Canal Walk has so much variety which is why it’s a popular choice for our couples. Bryce and Allison have photos with the Chicago and Cincinnati skyline, so we absolutely had to get Indianapolis Canal Walk skyline pictures down near the Indiana State Museum. There was a 50 mile race going on during this session so we had to dodge a few ultra runners and make some adjustments, but there’s nothing a little editing magic can’t fix! 

We wanted to switch it up, so we headed to nearby Highland Park at sunset to finish their session!

Highland Park is surrounded by adorable houses and has a vast hill that reveals the skyline. It was so quaint and quiet, and was just perfect during golden hour! We ditched our shoes to give Allison’s foot a rest and create a more relaxed vibe. I love how these photos turned out!

I loved capturing these Indianapolis Canal Walk photos for Bryce and Allison. Happy 21st Birthday, Allison!

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