Guest Post: Why You Should Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator by Lisa VanHorten


July 13, 2022

When newly engaged couples hear the words “wedding planner, an image from Father of the Bride, The Wedding Planner or Bridal Wars pops into their head. Frivolous. Bossy. Expensive. Not for me. 

What if I told you there’s a category of wedding planners for people who don’t want one? They’re called “day-of coordinators”, and like the name suggests, they’re here to make your wedding day THE BEST DAY. 

To cut through some common myths, we’ve put together a list of how couples can benefit from hiring a “day of wedding coordinator”, also known as event managers or wedding coordinators.

It’s not just one day

We’re good, but we’re not psychic. While “day of” is in the title, we get to work way before your actual wedding day, typically 3 – 6 months out. Worst case scenario: We’ve come on board within three weeks notice. Best case: We’ve had couples hire us a year in advance.

After you hire a day of wedding coordinator, not only will we attend pre-planning meetings with you, we will help you with referrals, double check your contracts, create your wedding day timeline and work as a liaison with your vendors. Timelines are the key to a smooth wedding day. We create a timeline for your entire day, down to the minute. Hair and makeup start times, DJ arrival time, and the exact minute to start toasts so that dinner doesn’t linger too long, are just a few timing logistics. Since we’ve seen and planned many weddings (over 100 and counting!), we have an innate sense of how long components will take. We use our knowledge and experiences to create a timeline to make your day flow seamlessly. 

Hiring a day of wedding coordinator is the best right hand (wo)man! 

With more decisions to make and more things to do than you likely realize, a wedding is a production. Every production needs someone in charge, and that someone should NEVER be the bride. When you hire a day of wedding coordinator, we support you from the minute you hire us until the lights go out at midnight on your wedding day. We’ll walk you through any questions or concerns you have. We will befriend your mom and calm her nerves. We’ll be that extra hand whenever you need help. We make sure your reception is set, direct the florist where to put the arrangements, handle questions from vendors, bustle your dress and even find your vows you left in the bridal suite. And we will put in the longest day and not once wish we were somewhere else. 

We’ve seen (almost) everything

As coordinators, this is our passion, but also our job. We have expertise working with weddings and events of all shapes and sizes, and are able to spot problems and anticipate questions before they ever get to you.  We know what can go wrong, even when you don’t. When you hire a day of wedding coordinator, we use all our expertise. We’ll guide you through planning all aspects of the day without overlooking any details. From a rain plan, to transportation logistics, to ensuring the DJ is near a power source, a coordinator will catch details that can make or break your day.

We know your vision inside & out

Consider your day of wedding coordinator your confidante and problem-solver. During wedding planning, you may have a panic moment: what if X, Y, and Z go wrong? We are available to you to calm your nerves and talk through scenarios. We also want to hear about all your Pinterest-worthy details! By communicating your vision (and concerns), we can be your champion and advocate on your wedding day. We want to know what’s important to you, what you’re worried about and what your overall wedding vision is. And we’ll ensure that your timing, decor, and reception are exactly as you want them!

We’re stealth ninjas

Trust us on this, something always goes less than planned at every wedding. Whether it’s something big or small, noticeable or not, when you hire a wedding coordinator, you’re hiring someone who is well trained to put out these “fires” so that you and your guests don’t even know they occurred. We make things happen behind the scenes without anyone knowing. Did a non-RSVP guest show up? We quickly and quietly set an extra place setting. Are your outdoor ceremony chairs wet from a morning shower? We make sure they are dried off and ready for guests. Need a minute before you walk down the aisle? We’ll que the DJ to play one more prelude song so you can compose yourself. Your coordinator is a stealthy multi-tasker like no other! 

We come prepared!

Know that as your day-of coordinator, we are masters at quickly resolving any issue, big or small. We come prepared with an emergency kit of almost anything you can think of – and are prepared to MacGyver up any situation. From stains (Shout wipes!), to broken items (every adhesive imaginable), to rain (we own more umbrellas than imaginable), to your framed engagement photo without a stand (extra easels!)…we’ve got you covered. We’re also incredible at keeping issues quiet as to not let any unneeded stress be put on you or your family. 

The number one reason you should hire a wedding day coordinator?  It’s your wedding day, enjoy it! 

As your wedding coordinator we will carry the stress of the day for you. If you invest in anything, make it your peace of mind. We’re your advocate, your boots on the ground, and your freedom to eat, drink and be married! Every couple deserves that.

The bottom line is this: If you want everything to be smooth sailing, hiring a day-of coordinator will ensure that your wedding will be as perfect as it possibly can be! Read more about what our past couples have said about us!

Are you interested in learning more about wedding coordination? Learn more about Lisa VanHorton Weddings at

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