Emily & Alex | A Summer Wedding at Daniel’s Vineyard


September 21, 2023

When it comes to wedding planning, finding the right team to make your dream day a reality is crucial. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with planner and designer extraordinaire, Indy Gigz, for a wedding that left us completely awestruck. We were lucky enough to be able to capture Emily and Alex’s summer wedding at Daniel’s Vineyard and we can’t wait to show it to you on the blog!

Meeting Indy Gigz: A Match Made in Wedding Heaven

Working with Indy Gigz for the first time was incredible. Betsy’s impeccable organization and keen eye for design were evident from the get-go. Emily, the bride, couldn’t have been happier with Indy’s guidance in selecting a stunning design and florals that truly made the reception space come to life. The touch of blue with intricate patterns was an absolute showstopper – we’re always suckers for that perfect shade of blue!

Hotel Indy: A Hidden Gem for Getting Ready

Emily and her bridal party got ready at the charming Hotel Indy, a place we were experiencing for the first time. The modern and chic vibes perfectly aligned with our aesthetics for both getting ready photos, as well as individual bride and groom portraits before their day began.  And to top it off?  The spacious, naturally lit getting ready area was a photographer’s dream come true!  

Capturing Moments for this Summer wedding at Daniel’s Vineyard

For portraits, we ventured to two incredible locations: The War Memorial and Daniel’s Vineyard. The open shade at the War Memorial is always a blessing for capturing beautiful photos when the sun is still bright midday.  But as the sun dipped below the horizon, the golden hour in the vineyard added an ethereal touch to the shots for this summer wedding at Daniel’s vineyard

Laughter and Love: The Heart of the Bridal Party

Emily, a pediatric Physical Therapist, had a bridal party consisting mostly of PT’s, just like herself. As a former PT myself (yes, did you know?), I couldn’t help but relish the inside PT jokes that flowed throughout the day. Their appreciation for my “barefoot” sneakers that keep my feet happy on wedding days was much appreciated, and their camaraderie and laughter set the tone for a day filled with love and joy!

A Live Wedding Painter: A Unique Keepsake

One of the standout features of Emily and Alex’s wedding was the live wedding painter- Melissa Spearhuff. Not only did she provide unique entertainment for the guests as she created a masterpiece before their eyes, but she also created stunning artwork for Emily and Alex to forever cherish their special day. It’s a wedding trend we would love to see more often!

A Dream Wedding to Remember

Emily and Alex’s summer wedding at Daniel’s Vineyard wedding was a photographer’s dream come true. We feel incredibly fortunate to have been chosen to document the love and joy shared by this down-to-earth and chic couple.

Their love story, accelerated by the challenges of a pandemic, is a testament to the power of connection. Through FaceTime calls and unwavering commitment, they weathered the storm and emerged stronger and we’re so happy they got to have a beautiful wedding day to celebrate it.

As we look back on this incredible wedding, we’re reminded of the magic that happens when love, laughter, and a talented team of professionals come together to create unforgettable moments for this summer wedding at Daniel’s Vineyard. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Emily and Alex – we’re certain it will be nothing short of amazing!

Creative Partners:
Planner and Designer: @‌indygigz
Photography: @‌kaitlinmendozaphoto
Venue: @‌danielsvineyardweddings
Getting Ready Space: Hotel Indy
Videographer: @‌vibrantvideoproductions
Flowers: @‌georgethomasflorist
Cake: @‌classiccakescarmel
Dress: @‌weddingstudiocarmel
Hair: @‌anna.grace_hair
Makeup: @‌makeupbytaradise
DJ: @‌tracksevendj
Live Wedding Painter: @‌melindaspearhuff
Transportation: @‌antique_limo
Glassware: @‌violetvintagerentals
Flatware: @‌aclassicpartyrental
Photo Booth: @‌photobooth.indy
Catering: @‌jbeventsandcatering

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