Bailey + Austin | Engagement Photos at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana


January 31, 2023

Bailey and Austin have a classic Indy love story! They met at the Rathskeller and are getting married this September at the Indianapolis Artsgarden, so it only made sense to head downtown for their engagement session! Vanessa, an associate photographer for KMP, met up with this couple in the wind and the rain, and it was completely worth it. Their engagement photos at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana were particularly special, because Bailey used to run there all the time!

Bailey met Austin at the Rathskeller during a girls night out – and Austin got to redeem himself 3 days later when they connected on Bumble!

You see, Bailey isn’t particularly fond of men at bars – especially those who interrupt a girls night out! Lucky for Austin, he had a second chance to win her over when they connected on the dating app Bumble, just three days after their bar interaction! Their first date was on Mass Ave, and they hit it off over margaritas. They quickly learned that they shared a love for basketball, Indiana sports, and even the same podcasts! Bailey describes their relationship as “easy” and in the short time Vanessa spent with them, she could easily pick up on that herself!

Austin proposed during a trip in Denver, Colorado!

Bailey and Austin traveled to Denver to visit Bailey’s sister! They hiked the gorgeous Squaw Pass and got to the top of the fire lookout – where Austin “wanted a picture”.  Before Bailey could get a good view on that beautiful and clear day, Austin was down on one knee. Austin had even carried up a backpack with a cooler full of champagne and glasses.  It was a miracle Bailey didn’t hear the glasses clinking! 

Vanessa captured their engagement photos at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana before heading to our favorite area on The Canal Walk for their final stop!

These downtown locations have stunning backdrops which helps tell their story, and is a short distance from their wedding venue- the Indianapolis Artsgarden.  When we first chatted about their wedding, they told me that they chose this venue because they wanted a classic Indianapolis location – and I truly feel like they are the classic Indianapolis couple! As if their love story couldn’t be any more “Indianapolis” – Austin bought a house not knowing it was on the same road as Bailey grew up on, and they live there together now with their two little dogs! 

Bailey and Austin – our associate team cannot wait to celebrate with you at the Indianapolis Artsgarden this September!

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