Danielle & Josh | Engagement Photos on the Canal Walk in Indianapolis


June 27, 2023

Love has a way of finding its path in the most unexpected places, and for Danielle and Josh, it was through mutual friends at a holiday party. From that moment on, their connection grew stronger, and they embarked on a beautiful journey together. Their love story led them to a picturesque engagement on the sandy beaches of Cabo, Mexico, during a vacation with Josh’s family on December 27th, 2022. As they eagerly anticipate their upcoming wedding, I had the pleasure of capturing their love at their engagement photos on the Canal Walk in Indianapolis.

When you meet Danielle and Josh, it’s evident that they share an incredible bond.

Danielle adores Josh’s big heart and his adventurous spirit that is willing to take on anything. His infectious energy never fails to bring a smile to her face. Likewise, Josh cherishes the way Danielle pours her heart into every moment they spend together. Her unwavering dedication and her captivating smile make him feel like the luckiest person in the world. Their compatibility extends beyond mere interests and hobbies; it’s rooted in their shared values and the way their strengths and weaknesses perfectly complement each other.

Passionate and everlasting are the words that best describe Danielle and Josh’s relationship. Whenever they are together, they fully immerse themselves in the present moment, shutting out the distractions of the world, which was so evident at their engagement photos on the Canal Walk in Indianapolis. They look forward to the future they will build together and are so excited for the countless memories they will create along the way.

I loved getting to know Danielle and Josh at their engagement photos on the Canal Walk in Indianapolis!

In their free time, Danielle and Josh enjoy staying active both individually and as a couple. Whether it’s a workout session together or pursuing their own fitness goals, they find joy in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Traveling holds a special place in their hearts, as they cherish the adventure and the opportunity to explore new places and cultures. However, they also find contentment in the comfort of their home, reveling in the simple pleasures of cooking dinner together and experimenting with new recipes. A glass of Cabernet red wine or a steaming cup of cappuccino perfectly complements their shared moments of relaxation and indulgence.

As they prepare for their wedding day, Danielle and Josh have their sights set on an unforgettable honeymoon in Australia! The allure of new experiences drew them to Australia and they are excited to add another chapter of cherished memories to their love story.

Danielle and Josh made their session so effortless. 

During their engagement photos, we ventured along the enchanting Canal Walk in Indianapolis, where the city’s vibrant energy and the romantic ambiance of the waterfront provided the perfect backdrop for their photos. Despite the Pride festival happening at White River State Park, we found secluded spots that surrounded them in soft, natural light, enhancing the radiance of their love. It was a delight to witness their effortless laughter and genuine smiles as they enjoyed each other’s presence, making my job as photographer an absolute joy!

With every click of the camera, we captured the essence of Danielle and Josh’s love—a love that is palpable, genuine, and radiates pure happiness. It’s clear that their wedding next March at the Indianapolis Artsgarden will be a celebration overflowing with love, laughter, and cherished moments.

Danielle and Josh’s love story is just beginning

I feel honored to be a part of capturing their joy and preserving their memories at their engagement photos on The Canal Walk. Congratulations, Danielle and Josh-  I can’t wait for your wedding in March at the Indianapolis Artsgarden!

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