Why Having a Second Shooter is Valuable For Your Wedding


May 22, 2021

Weddings are one of the best days of your life, and also very busy! From getting ready with your girlfriends, the first look (or not), family photos, the ceremony, bride and groom portraits, bridal party portraits, the reception and everything in between, it is a busy day! You just hired a photographer who’s work you LOVE and you’re so excited to see the photos a few short weeks after your wedding day, but do you ever wonder how your photographer was able to capture the hundreds of photos you just received in your gallery? Yes, your photographer is talented, but they also had a second set of hands literally and figuratively! This is also why I include a second shooter in most of the collections that I offer!


Here are a few instances when a second shooter comes in very handy:

When you have to be in two places at once!

While you and your girls are getting ready, your fiance is also getting ready at a different location! In order to get photos of all those sweet candid moments between you both and your closest friends, as well as photos of all your pretty little details you spent so much time deciding on, the lead photographer has to be with one group while the second shooter is with the other. Another instance this can occur is when the lead photographer is reception details before the guests enter the reception space, the second shooter can capture candid and group photos of guests mingling during the cocktail hour!

2. To have different angles at different parts of the day

During different parts of the day like the ceremony and the reception, the lead photographer and the second shooter will coordinate to have different types of lenses on their cameras to ensure they get a variety images and perspectives such as intimate and close up versus wide and pulled back to capture the entire scene.

3. The ensure you get THE shot

This has NEVER happened to me luckily, but what if the lead photographer’s camera locks up for example, during the first kiss? That moment is SO short, and even if the lead photographer reaches for her second back up camera, she would have already missed that moment. When you have a second shooter, you can ensure that those quick intimate moments like this will not be missed, no matter what happens!


4. You will receive a lot more photos!

You doesn’t love having a ton of photos to look back through on their wedding day?! When you have a second shooter, your photographer will have double the photos to choose from to be able to pick the best images to deliver to you in your gallery!


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