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November 28, 2020

Hi there and welcome! I’m so glad you found me on this little corner of the internet. If you’re new around here, I wanted to take a hot minute to introduce myself and tell you a little about me and what I love!

Why? Because I never want someone to hire me just because I take pretty engagement and wedding photos… I want couples to hire me also because they know me as a person and what I’m about. I strive to serve each and every couple with an amazing photography experience for their wedding day, and that is really hard to do if we don’t know anything about each other!

So here are 6 Fun Facts About Me!

I love to run! Like, I really love it. I usually run about 6 days a week, with one rest day because well, everyone needs a couch potato day! Pre-baby I was training for full marathons for several years with a big goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I qualified twice and finally ran Boston in April 2019 before my husband and I got pregnant! It was definitely one of the greatest running days of my life! I plan to get back to training for marathons once life settles down and our little family gets into a better routine. My next marathon goals, once this pandemic settles down, is the London, Berlin and Tokyo Marathons to complete the rest of the Marathon Majors. Other “fun” races on my bucket list are the Great Wall of China Marathon, Marine Corp Marathon and Kauai Marathon. If you’re also a runner, give me a shout out! Also stay tuned, as I’ll likely be posting other fun running related blog posts on here since it’s something I’m also passionate about sharing!

Popcorn and red wine are my love language. I’ll eat just about any type of popcorn, but SkinnyPop regular or cracked pepper is where it’s at! Pair it with a fancy glass of California Cabernet and I’m done. Cheers!

I’m also a Physical Therapist! I graduated in 2014 from the University of Missouri in Columbia and have been practicing in the Inpatient Rehab and Geriatrics most of my career helping patients who’ve recently suffered a stroke, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury patients. Even though I’ve taken on wedding photography full time, I still work at the hospital one weekend a month to fulfill my love for helping these sweet patients. I used to think that I had to choose a career, and over the years I’ve realized that is just not true. We all have unique talents that I believe God has given us, and you don’t have to choose just one. Even though I do photography full time right now, it is ok for me to love other things just as much! Also… heck, I worked really dang hard to earn my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and I will never put that to waste!

We’ve moved! My little family and I just recently moved from lovely Charleston, South Carolina to Indianapolis, Indiana to be closer to our families in the Midwest. This came about pretty abruptly a few months after our daughter was born in April… we realized we didn’t want our baby girl to grow up being so far from our families and the pandemic made that even more apparent. My husband’s job is based out of Indianapolis anyways, so we knew it would be a smooth transition. We are moving into our new home in the north suburbs of Indy at the end of November, and we’re so excited to only be a short 3-4 hours from both families in Missouri and Michigan!

I picked up my husband. This is a much longer post for another day, but long story short… girl gives guy a note, 3 months later they meet in person and 4 years after that they’re married! Stay tuned for the full story… it’s a good one.

We have two labradoodles- Luna & Milo. I call Luna my first born, because she was our first dog and I definitely treated her like a baby until our daughter Mia came along. Luna came everywhere with me and was spoiled to many many days at daycare while we both were working. Then we adopted Milo from the same breeder. Milo is a true goof ball and definitely is our wild child. He’s taken a little longer to catch onto all the “rules”, but he follows me EVERYWHERE around the house, is a great running partner and just the sweetest boy!

Now that I’ve told you a little about me, I’d love to hear a few fun facts about you in the comments below! And you can always find me on Instagram @kaitlinmendozaphoto

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